Sunday, 16 September 2012


hey dear diary..

so, it has been months since i posted the last ramadhan n eid was going fine..still got duit raya from uncles n aunties..pfft..haha..i was home a week before, i got to do many things before celebrating eid..but still i got myself baju raya a few days before 1 syawal..sales were like damn crazy u know..i got myself a jubah n of course a maxi dress..a pair of wedges..n that's all..

it's kinda shock that i didn't shop till drop..haha..anyway, syawal has left us yesterday..may we will be celebrating ramadhan n syawal again next year..insyaallah..

so, tukar topik..a week before i was home for syawal, i was having an exam so called ups..i was struggling for chem n math..math is my passion..everyone knows that..haha..phy dgn bio tu mcm usaha sebaik mungkin je, mcm xhrp dpt tggi..i've already told mommy n dad that i mmg x berharap tggi in bio n, last week, i got my's not either too good or too bad..biasa2 je..

tp aku puas sbb apa yg aku targetkan utk chem n math mencapai sasaran..yeay!!alhamdulillah..for bio n phy mmg xsangka gle dpt tu..thanx again ALLAH..thank you so much..chem n math have taught me that i can achieve anything i want as long as i have passion n determination in whatever i am doing..

pspm is just around the corner..struggling and praying for the best..won't let mom n dad down..i'd give everything i have to win this battle..battle between me and myself..i won't target for a very high pointer..coz i know i can't handle the depression if i don't reach it..

so, that's all from me for today..till we meet again for the next 2 or 3 weeks or perhaps another month..adios..bye!!assalamualaikum..

p/s: matrix makes me realised that this world has varoius type of homosapiens..we have to choose whether we want to the better one or vice versa..contoh dah ada dpn, analysed, and make the decisions..

Thanx for reading this post..Have fun! :)